Storms and Serenades

After the drama of days before, we feared that the sea was beyond our reach. However, at the first sight of blue sky we dashed to the dolmuĊŸ and hurtled around the coast to a secluded stretch of coast. Placing the clutter of cafes and kiosks at our backs and gazing onto all that was crystal and cobalt, some of the electricity wrought by the storm was lost from me, and I let myself be soothed.

I read for a while, to the sound of gently lapping waves, then realising that fantasy had lapsed fiction, stepped into silken waters and let them embrace me. We swam out to the boom that separated the swimming area from the harbour traffic, and clambered up onto the floats that marked the boundary.

From our unlikely thrones, we glimpsed an occasional flash of flippers as a pair of sea turtles disturbed the glassy surface. On a ridiculous whim we sang to them, and they drew nearer, hanging just below the water, basking alongside us in the beating sun. Once our serenade was over, the gentle creatures began their slow sojourn back out of the cove, and we threw ourselves back into the water where we lazily rode the wake of passing boats back to the shore.

I woke that night to silent lightning, strobing through the darkness in great luminescent shudders. Startling as it was at first, in time it became a comfort, and I drifted back into sleep as the drama played out through gently closed eyelids.

How could the sky have so much rain to give? I lay awake again at half past four, looking down at legs stark beneath their winding sheet and listening the the intensifying downpour. Despite the abundance of water lashing the patio door, my throat was dry and aching. I longed to throw the door open and turn my bare arms up toward the endless torrent and howl.

Somehow I slept, because when my eyes opened again it was to the dawn call to prayer. I pulled on my bathrobe and stood on the balcony, staring blearily at the bright stars emerging from broken clouds, as the lone voice of collective prayer refracted from the mountains and returned to me a millionfold. Silent lightning crossed the sky as the final echoes fade. Somehow a new day had begun.


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